BASSET training approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission 

What is it and why do you need it?

What is BASSET?

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What is BASSET?

BASSET training is the certification required in the state of Illinois for anyone who sells or serves alcohol. The training you are about to take through BASSET Illinois is an innovative and engaging online program that can be started and finished from the comfort of your home. Once you register with BASSET Illinois, you will have access to your BASSET certification for the next three years, along with an array of professional resources. Life moves fast in the world of hospitality, but BASSET Illinois will be with you every step of the way.

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How do I get certified?

Step by Step


Register for training

The first step to get your BASSET Certificate is to register with BASSET Illinois. You will then have access to your BASSET Training and you’ll also have access to an entire site packed with tips and tricks, including our customer support portal. To get started, just click on the button below.


Take the course

Simply follow the steps to begin your BASSET Training. Our class is relevant, engaging and most important, it is easy to grasp and take back with you to your job. You will have access to your BASSET Illinois account for the entire three years of your certification.


Get Certified

As soon as you successfully complete the exam, your Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you. Within 30 days, your State of Illinois BASSET card will be emailed and sent to you via US mail. To receive your card sooner, we offer a ‘Fast Cert’ option which you can select when purchasing the course.

Start your online BASSET training now

Features and Benefits

The most comprehensive BASSET business account on the market

If you need your BASSET card, there is no better way than to take your training through BASSET Illinois. We are a Chicago based company that is here to get you certified on your schedule. Once you register, you can begin your training from any device. After the course has been completed, your state-issued BASSET card will be uploaded to your profile to access whenever your need it. Also, if you change employers and they have a BASSET Illinois account, you can easily add your new employer’s account number to your profile so they have access to your card and they are able to help you keep track of when your certificate is due for renewal (3 years). And remember, if you have ANY alcohol or BASSET related questions, you can contact our Chicago-based support team. BASSET Illinois is the industry coach for industry pros.


• Have 24/7 access to your BASSET training course

• Take the training from any device

• Start and stop as you please​

• Access your BASSET card through your profile and download it when needed​

• Easily link your card to employers who have BASSET Illinois accounts with the click of a button, ​

• Have access to your account for the entire 3 years your BASSET certification lasts​

• Our customer support staff are here to help answer any questions about your BASSET certification for the entire 3 years your certification lasts.​

• Renew your BASSET certification after 3 years with the click of a button.​

• All of this for only $9.95!


• Enjoy a saving of 10% for all business accounts

• Have 24/7 access to your employee’s BASSET certifications (including their state-issued BASSET cards)​

• View your employees BASSET card date of issue and    expiration date

• Share your company’s account number with employees who were certified through BASSET Illinois and they can add their cards to your database AUTOMATICALLY, even if they did not use your coupon code!​​

• Keep track of what employees have used coupons and when they got certified

• Automatically receive a coupon code for your employees (which they then use to get certified)​

• Purchase more coupons as needed through your business account​

• NEVER have to worry about tracking down employee BASSET cards ever again!


BASSET Illinois

BASSET Chicago LLC is proud to present the online version of their training course, BASSET Illinois. BASSET Chicago was founded in March 2015 as an Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s recommended provider of BASSET training and our instructors have traveled throughout the state of Illinois providing BASSET classes to bars, restaurants, private clubs, hotels, golf clubs, supermarkets, bowling alleys, and other locations where alcohol is served or sold.


For only $9.95, you can get BASSET certified on your time. The course can be completed all at once or you can start and stop the training at your leisure. Immediately upon completing the test, you’ll receive your BASSET Illinois Certificate of Completion. You’ll also have the option when you register to receive a ‘Fast Cert’ of your card via email as soon as the state issues your certification.

Business Packages

BASSET Illinois is an online certification course offered by BASSET Chicago. We are based in Chicago and we provide simple tracking of employee BASSET certifications through the most comprehensive BASSET business account on the market. Through your account, you will have 24/7 access to your employees’ BASSET certifications. You can see when they were issued, when they expire and you have the ability to add new employees with the click of a button. Have a look at our BASSET business features by “Clicking Here”.

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