Group BASSET with Automatic Fast Cert

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Group BASSET packages are a simple and cost-effective way of getting your group BASSET certified without the hassle of scheduling an onsite class. Simply choose the amount of certificates you want to purchase below and we we will send you a personalized coupon code for your employees. Each employee will able to register and complete the course using the code, and upon completion, their state-issued BASSET cards will be mailed directly to your business AND emailed to each student.​ 

  • We have a Support Team that is here to help your staff every step of the way. As your employees register and progress through the course, we are here to answer any of their questions directly. They can email us at or engage in live chat via Facebook with our Support Team.
  • Once a package has been purchased, our Administrative Team will create a custom coupon for your group. (Please allow a few hours for this code to arrive to your inbox.) As soon as the coupon code has been issued, it is available for use. The code can be distributed to current or future employees requiring BASSET certification. There is NO expiration on coupon codes.

View our various packages below to choose the one that best suits your group. *Please note: Custom coupon codes will be emailed within 3-12 hours of purchase.*

​If you have any questions, you can contact us by “Clicking Here” or you can email us at

L​ Group BASSET with Automatic Fast Cert

When completing the course, you will immediately receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion for your employer.

​​NOTE: Your official state-issued BASSET card with your state-issued Student ID number (that is necessary to reprint using the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) website) will be included on the state-issued card that you receive in the mail and to your email once the ILCC has processed your certification.


All BASSET cards will be mailed to your business address (or the address you choose). Each student will also receive a copy of their state-issued card to their email address.


If you, or your employees have any questions regarding your certification, you have access to our Customer Service and Tech Team for the entire 3yr duration of your certification


We have gone the extra mile with our online BASSET course. All modules are animated, interesting and easy to follow.  


98% of our users pass the first time and we offer 3 retries of the exam for anyone who needs it.


We do not dilute our content by trying to do everything. We concentrate on BASSET only. This allows us to keep up to date with the industry and spend the time needed to perfect what we offer our customers.


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*What is the “Fast Cert?” ​​​

When you complete your BASSET training you are mailed your BASSET card by post direct from the Illinois Liquor Control Commssion (ILCC). This can take between 20 – 30 days. The “Fast Cert” allows you to receive your BASSET card by email within 10 days of completing the course as well as a rush process by the ILCC.

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