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The most comprehensive BASSET business account on the market.
Managing your business is difficult – keeping track of BASSET doesn’t have to be. 

BASSET Illinois is an online certification course offered by BASSET Chicago. We are based in Chicago and we provide simple tracking of employee BASSET certifications through the most comprehensive BASSET business account on the market. Through your account, you will have 24/7 access to your employees’ BASSET certifications. You can see when they were issued, when they expire and you have the ability to add new employees with the click of a button.

How does it work?

Purchase any number of certificates you wish and save 10% on each certificate. (Business packages are for groups of 5 or more) 

You will immediately receive a business account number and a coupon code that you can share with your employees.

Share the code and start tracking your employees’ certifications

Keep track of everything all from one place

When employees use your coupon code to complete their BASSET training, their information is automatically sent to your business account for tracking. You can see how many certificates have been used as well as how many your company has remaining. There is also a feature to buy more certificates when you see that the number is running low.

If you hire new employees that have already been certified with us you have the ability to give them your unique account number. Once the new employee adds this to their account their BASSET information will automatically appear in your business account. You can even download their BASSET certificate straight away, see when their BASSET card expires and when it was first issued.

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