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Business F.A.Q

The best and fastest way to reach us is via email at . You can also call us at 312-473-7831.

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Step 1

To get started is easy, simply click on one of the “Business Account” links on our homepage.

Step 2

Click on any one of the “Buy Now” or get started links on the “Business Packages” page. This page also contains information about our business accounts and what is included.

Step 3

Enter the amount of coupons you wish to purchase and click on the “update cart” option. Next, click on “Proceed to checkout” where you will be brought to PayPal to complete payment. Remember, with business accounts there is a minimum purchase of 5 coupons and all business accounts receive 10% off every coupon purchased.

Step 4

On this page, you will fill in your information. On the left hand side, you will see the area for the first and last name of the person who is responsible for maintaining BASSET cards within your business. This person will be our point of contact. On the right hand side, you will see an area to enter the business information. Once all fields have been completed, simply click on the “Proceed to PayPal” button. This will bring you to PayPal to complete payment.

Once the payment has processed, you will receive your automatic email with the coupon code.

Step 5

Once you are on the PayPal page, you can pay by credit card or by PayPal.


Step 6

The next page is the payment page. Once you enter your payment information, click on the “Pay Now” button to proceed.


Step 7

After payment is successful, you will be brought to a receipt page (please note that you will also be emailed a receipt). Here you can click on the “Click here to view your business account.” This will direct you to your business account page.


Step 8

This is your business account page. Here you can view your business information including your coupon code and your unique account number (you can also purchase more coupons when needed). Further down on the page, you can see a list of all employees who have used coupons, when they were issued, when they expire and you will also be able to download the employees’ certificates whenever you need it. (If you wish to change any of your business information- name, address etc.- you can do so through the profile menu option under “My Account.”)

Account number: Your account number identifies your business within our system. If you have employees who have been certified by BASSET Illinois, you can give them this account number. Once they add it to their personal profile, all of their information and their card will automatically appear in your business account. (If they have used one of your coupon all of this will happen automatically.)



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Your business’ account number allows anyone who is BASSET certified through BASSET Illinois automatically to your business account page. Simply give your business account number to your employee (who is already certified) and tell them to add it to their profile page. Once they do that, their information will automatically appear on your business account page.

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Your account number allows you to add any person who is BASSET certified automatically to your business account page. Simply give your account number to your employee who is already certified and get them to add it in their profile page. Once they do that, their information will automatically appear on your business account page.

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BASSET Illinois offers a way for employers to easily and seamlessly keep track of all of their employees’ certifications at the click of a button. Employees simply register through the employer-given coupon code to have their card accessible to both them and their employer through their profile. For employees that have taken the BASSET Illinois course without using their employer’s coupon code (or who have changed jobs), allowing their new employer access to their account is done so by adding the new employer’s account number to their profile.

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Unfortunately, no, the student must have gotten their certification through BASSET Illinois to access this feature. However, when their card is due for renewal (after 3 years), they can renew their certification through our site and add your company’s account number to have their new cards sent to your database. The other option is to have them retake the course with BASSET Illinois to be able to add them into your company’s profile, though of course that is not required by the ILCC to be double certified.

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First, you decide how many certificates you will need to purchase based on the number of people needing the certification. More coupons can be added at any time, but it is always good to have a few extra on hand for new hires or for employees who become due for renewal.Immediately after purchasing a group package, you will receive an email that includes the automatically generated coupon code.

IMPORTANT: The code IS case sensitive, so be sure that your employees enter it exactly as it appears in the email.

On the Business Package page, you will find a .pdf file of instructions that you can download and email to your employees or print to post in a central location at your place of employment. The only thing missing on that .pdf will be the actual coupon code, so be sure to share the code with employees via email or on the form you print.

As each employee registers using your coupon code, you will see their information generate on your Business profile page. You will see when they registered and when it was completed. Once the card has been uploaded by our Admin team from the ILCC database, you will also have access to their card for download or print. (Each employee will also have access to their card via their own profiles.)

If at any time you need to add more coupons, you can do so through your Business profile page with a minimum of 5 per order.

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Normal certification is $9.95/person with the option of adding a FAST Cert for an additional $4.99/person to bring the total to $14.94.

Business packages pay only $9.95/person and save 10% when purchasing five or more coupon codes. The FAST cert is automatically added to all students using a business coupon code bringing the total cost per certificate to only $8.96/person.

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